Monday, June 8, 2009

Ignorance is strength

Ha ha!!
What a coincidence!!!
Just finished reading 1984 today and Wikipedia tells me that this day in 1949 the first print of 1984 was published.
May be 'Big Brother is really watching' after all!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

fresh and original

I wonder why. I wonder why.
I wonder why I wonder.
I wonder why I wonder why.
I wonder while I wander.

R.P. Feynman

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Maybe The cycle is The Man

A cool and moist breeze engulfs you,
haze suddenly dims the sunlight.
darkness creeps in the sky which was shining blue,
no more can you feel the heat.
misty clouds fire arrows which obscure your view,
your skin tickles with joy.
Rise! sleepy earthlings, raindrops are coming through..

What happens with these dumb raindrops ? Flow down the mountain slope into the rivulet which flows further downstream into the river wide which flows into the ocean vast.
So what is their purpose ? To flow without any control and sense.
These poor guys have no individuality, each drop so identical to the other that the ocean becomes an epitome of smoothness and regularity at all levels of magnification.
Ofcourse there are the rebellious ones who gang up and try to break free from the clutches of the ocean. They gather speed using the wind and then clash in waves against the seashore. This struggle becomes feircer by night when the moon is at its shining best.
But alas the wretched ocean pulls them all back.
And so, they lie their in the open for the sun to vapourise them and take them back where they came from and the vicious cycle continues...
The cycle has become so eternal, so timeless and moronic that it almost seems idyllic and graceful. But the droplets ramble on.

Now lets change the vantage point a bit.
Lets say that all the infinite water droplets all around us are analysing us, humans, with the same high powered perception that we used against them.
What happens to these dumb humans ? Be born, flow into a school which flows into a wide college which flows into the vast "real world". The names of the places might not be same for all of us but the essence remains the same, we just keep flowing and living. Obviously there are the talented ones who manage to break the "flow" , achieve some superficial entity maybe fame or recognition , but the vast ocean pulls them back as well.
And in the end we all vaporise one way or the other and the eternal cycle continues.....
Just makes one realise how inconsequential we are, no matter what we do the inevitabtle cycle eventually ceases control.
Just like Jack Black says in School of Rock, "The world is run by The Man, oh you dont know the man, he is don't waste your time trying to make anything pure or cool or awesome cause The Man is just gonna call you a fat washed up loser and crush your soul"
Maybe the cycle is The Man.

P.S.: This case of typing diarrhea triggered by Christian Bale starrer "American Psycho".Must watch, if above stuff interested you..

Monday, July 28, 2008

Do we ever finish the cake?

As soon as the baker is through with baking the cake and placing the shiny chocolate icing on it , and as it gets placed in the display section of the bakery, the cake takes on a life of itself.
This newborn has only one purpose that defines its being, to call out to every wretched human eye to consume it. What a purpose the poor cake has surmised for itself..

A purpose that is self devouring and yet it truly defines its being, its existence.
Even when it is not in front of our eyes it keeps calling us from beneath its colourful cardboard package. Very often do one's senses rest until we feel we have finished the cake but in essence we havent finished the cake , it has devoured itself. The cake finishes itself...

Isnt this the course of everything attractive, beautiful and talented ?
They call out to the wretched senses and eventually get burnt out.
Well some do it with grace and some burn out uneventfully and even miserably.
To devour itself is the true purpose of beauty.

This is what a day of starvation and quarelling does with one's brain.Ha!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sample this...

Sometimes i have my brain pouring such crazy shit in front of my closed eyes owing to whatever has been going around me that i cant believe it is still my plain english this is what
happens when i dream....
Sample this:
Some uneventful night and i am in deep sleep ,or so i believe. Suddenly i am in a surreal city which at first look gives you the morbid feeling which cities shown in sci fi flicks give you i.e. almost everything has this dull ambience around it and there is this shiny white ceramic texturing all around me, some sort of a thick fog seems to effuse out of the streets and tries to occlude my vision. Now i realise this is the same feeling that The Zone depicted in the movie Stalker tries to entice within you even though The Zone is not as technologically advanced as this dream city of mine.
All of a sudden an old school friend of mine pops out of nowhere . I am saving a detailed physical description of this friend for later part of the story as it would blend in better over there.Now of all things in this whole wide world and in the dream world my friend wants to learn how to find the sine of angles seperated by fifteen degrees starting from zero.
Well he certainly knows how to choose a setting for this type of stuff!!
So we are going to his school , i really don't know why, and on the street of this surreal city exploding at its seams with technological poo we find ourselves an autorickshaw and well if it wasn't surreal enough already this is no ordinary autorickshaw it is what folks in marathi call a "Dukkar" ( pig ) which is basically a three wheeled ride powered by a deisel engine and well it obviously looks like a pig , shapewise atleast.
Anyways we hop onto the backseat and as we are travelling i see lines of bullet trains whizzing past us overhead and strangely one of the passengers wants to go to the airport and suddenly we enter a grim looking area. Something at that time hinted that this was a slum, i am not quite sure what it was and the rickshaw comes to a stop and strangely enough all the other passengers and the driver have vacated the vehicle and to add to the strangeness we are exactly in front of the school we originaly intended to go to.
As we are walking i realise that the ground we are walking is not firm but is moist mud , the kind that relaxes your barefeet after a tiring day. We are proceeding into a dark and narrow corridor leading into a dead end to the right of which lies the entrance to this school and suddenly i hear some dilapidated radio . It seems this radio is located inside a room just besides the entranceway and the room is tightly sealed off so that u can't see anything inside but amazingly u can hear the radio outside.And this dilapidated set is playing "Welcome to the Machine" by Pink Floyd and not just that it is playing my favourite part of the song where Gilmour sings "What did you dream, it's alright we told you what to dream".
As we are passing the school courtyard there is some sort of a morning assembly going on with kindergarden kids standing with their right arms outstrecthed in fron of them and their palm facing down and the teacher convening the assembly was in a similar pose, this is exactly the pose you see in the world war II videos or pictures showing Hitler delivering speeches to his people.
My friend wishes a teacher Good Morning and in order to blend in with this strange place i try and do the same but i only do so after a slight delay so that the teacher should feel that i am not doing this because i really want to but only to follow suite and what did i know, as soon as i said it the teacher gave me a very strange and irritated look.
Finally we reach his classroom and a group of kids my age are sitting around a round table and i only distinctly remember a slightly tall girl wearing two ponytails.
Then i explain some stuff to my friend i.e. how to construct a simple sine table and i fall asleep in my own god damn dream on a low bench. Then i start waking up and i am still in that state between deep sleep and wide awakening and i see a fuzzy image of my friend standing in the middle of a circle formed of his classmates. This calls for a description of my friend who is as lean as a stick of the most malnutrioned tree your imagination can conjure up and well as tall as the tallest one you would live to see .
As he stands encircled by his classmates i see that girl again and i recall my friend saying the funniest situational stuff that i have ever heard in my life. Oh and not to forget all those encircling him are girls and then he says , brace yourself for this, he says that he has the body of the "Perfect Japanese Male" and says it with a twang so as to imply it sexually than any other way . I wake up inside my dream rolling with laughter and fall of the low bench i was sleeping on.
And then the darkness of deep slumber encapsulates my mind...
I wake up next day and around midday i remember my dream and when i thought about the climax i started rolling with laughter and still do ....

Why ?

Twenty something guy sitting in front of a laptop in the fuckd up indian summer , ceiling fan is buzzing on, one hopes it could start blowing ice cold wind of the delhi winter to soothe my skin. 2 more weeks left for the vacation to come to an end and well when the twenty something has no girlfriend what does he decide to do with all his desperation and freetime , he decides to convert it into a creative force to etch his literary flair into the fabric of the world wide web.

So here it goes.....